I Don’t Feel Pregnant Anymore (Is This Normal & When To Worry)

I Don't Feel Pregnant Anymore

Mood swings, breast tenderness, food cravings, heartburn, and morning sickness are the most common pregnancy symptoms. Besides these, there are numerous other clinical signs as well that you might experience during this period.

Pregnancy symptoms differ in severity, duration, and presence from one mom-to-be to another. However, the real worry comes when you don’t feel pregnant anymore. The morning sickness, moodiness, and exhaustion are normal, but if you get any of these symptoms along with cramping and bleeding, it could be a symptom of miscarriage.

Miscarriage is one of the worst things a mom-to-be can experience. So, read on to learn why you are not feeling pregnant and what are the common symptoms of miscarriage.

Is it normal to suddenly not feel Pregnant?

As mentioned earlier, the clinical signs of pregnancy vary from person to person. If you are experiencing vomiting, moodiness, and morning sickness one day, there will be some days when you will be totally symptom-free.

So, you don’t have to get irritated if you are not suddenly feeling pregnant. Keep in mind the symptoms are not completely disappeared; they have just become less noticeable because your body is undergoing frequent change. 

However, if you face cramping and bleeding, it could indicate that something is severely wrong. In that case, you might suffer from miscarriage. Therefore, you should know the possible clinical signs of miscarriage.

I don’t feel pregnant anymore after bleeding

Let’s make it clear that not all bleeding is bad. If you face light bleeding or spotting, you should not consider it a sign of miscarriage. 

Numerous causes can result in bleeding and spotting during pregnancy, such as uterine abnormalities and uterine fibroids. Even a yeast infection can cause bleeding in pregnant women.

So, if you are facing light bleeding, you don’t have to worry much. However, if there are obvious miscarriage symptoms, cramping, and heavy bleeding, it could mean that you’re miscarrying.

How do I know if I am still pregnant?

Miscarriage is surely one of the worst things a female can experience. It is painful and can hurt you both physically and emotionally. Even the thought of miscarriage can lead to stress and anxiety. So, it’s rational to ask, how do I know if I am still pregnant?

If you think you’re miscarrying, you should immediately visit a doctor and follow his/her instructions. The doctor can take numerous pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to know for sure. The most assuring way is to use ultrasound to check the heartbeat of your infant.

Miscarriage symptoms

Sadly, miscarriage is not that rare in pregnant women. According to a report issued by March of Dimes, more than 15% of pregnancies end up in miscarriage even before the 12th week of pregnancy. 

There are numerous reasons that can lead to miscarriages, including infections, STIs, Listeriosis, Cervical Insufficiency, Asherman Syndrome, Septate Uterus, Translocation, Molar Pregnancy, and problems with Chromosomes.

Clinical Signs of Miscarriage:

Here are some of the most common clinical signs of miscarriage:

  • Sudden stop of pregnancy symptoms
  • Painful contractions
  • Tissues and while & pink mucus passing from the vagina
  • Excessive cramps and back pain
  • Non-frequent bleeding
  • Belly Pain and Spotting

How soon after miscarriage do pregnancy symptoms disappear?

Even during miscarriage, you might experience some pregnancy symptoms like light bleeding, tender breasts, and nausea.

If for some reason, you’re miscarrying, the symptoms might last for 2 weeks. After that, you can take a pregnancy test, which will surely come as negative. As a result, you won’t experience any pregnancy symptoms, and your HcG level will be back to normal. However, if your HcG level is not back to normal, you will encounter some pregnancy symptoms even after the miscarriage.

If you are getting a positive result on your pregnancy test, you will need to visit your doctor and undergo further testing.

I don’t feel pregnant anymore during the first trimester

In general, the first trimester is always the hardest for women. This phase begins even before you get pregnant – on the 1st day of your previous period. It is considered the earliest stage of pregnancy, which lasts for more than 12 weeks. 

At the start of the first trimester, you won’t feel any pregnancy symptoms. However, the symptoms will become more noticeable and severe as time passes. During this phase, you will detect the obvious changes in your body and “Feel” more pregnant.

It’s normal if you don’t feel pregnant at first because your fetus is still tiny and is not much noticeable. However, if you are feeling pregnant and observing bleeding and significant pain, you’ll need to visit your doctor immediately. 

I don’t feel pregnant anymore at 4 weeks

If it’s your first baby, at this stage, you are probably not feeling many pregnancy symptoms. There won’t be visible body changes, and your body will perform all its functions as normal.

Once the sperm meets the egg, it will release the HcG – a hormone responsible to give a positive pregnancy test. As a result, you will miss your periods and experience numerous symptoms, including breast tenderness, fatigue, and bloating.

If the miscarriage occurs at the 4th week, you won’t even know you were pregnant in the first place. It will result in bleeding and cramps, just like periods.  

I don’t feel pregnant anymore at 5 weeks

The pregnancy symptoms at the 5th week are also not that noticeable. In this stage, you will only observe that you have missed your periods. 

Most females can feel pregnant at this phase. The common clinical signs of pregnancy at the 5th week include breast tenderness, vomiting, nausea, and excessive urination. It’s worth taking into note that not every pregnancy is the same.

So, if you don’t feel pregnant at the 5th week, you don’t have to worry about miscarrying.

I don’t feel pregnant anymore at 6 weeks

At the 6th week, you can observe your baby’s heartbeat on an ultrasound.

You will surely experience multiple pregnancy symptoms in this stage, including gas, bloating, vomiting, nausea, breast changes, or tenderness.

The rate of miscarriage at the 6th week is about 22%. So, if you are not feeling pregnant, visit your doctor and ask for his/her advice.

I don’t feel pregnant anymore at 7 weeks

Once you become 7 weeks pregnant, you will encounter most of the iconic pregnancy symptoms.

The clinical signs of 7 weeks’ pregnancy include increased saliva, indigestion, heartburn. Good craving, fatigue, breast changes, and more frequent urination.

Fortunately, the risk of miscarriage drops rapidly at this stage of the first trimester. According to the study, at week 7, the rate of miscarriage drops to less than 4%.

I don’t feel pregnant anymore at 8 weeks

Once you and your baby survive the 7th week of pregnancy, the chances of miscarriage are quite minimum. 

At the 8th week of pregnancy, you will notice some mood swings and excessive urination. The morning sickness and nausea will be at their peak during the 8th week.

Luckily, the rate of miscarriage drops to just 1.5% at the 8th week. So, it’s a chance you’ll give birth to your baby without any problem.

I don’t feel pregnant anymore at 9 weeks

Afterward, the pregnancy symptoms will be severe and more frequent.

At the 9th week, you will encounter constipation, gas, bloating, heartburn, indigestion, frequent urination, breast tenderness, and fatigue.

If you don’t feel pregnant at the 9th week, you should immediately contact your doctor and take some pregnancy tests. 

I don’t feel pregnant anymore at 10 weeks

The pregnancy symptoms at the 10th week will be unpredictable.

At this stage, you might feel ligament pains, visible veins, dizziness, faintness, headaches, vaginal discharge, gas, bloating, heartburn, aversions, vomiting, and excessive urination.

If you don’t feel all of these symptoms at once, you don’t have to worry. The rate of miscarriage at this phase is just 0.7%. 

I don’t feel pregnant anymore at 11 weeks

At this stage, the clinical signs will be a little scarier. There will be light cramping and spotting. So, you should not assume you’re miscarrying.

The symptoms at the 11th week will be chloasma. Light cramping, spotting, milky discharge, food cravings, dizziness, headaches, sore breasts, metallic taste, mood swings, and nausea.

The risk of miscarriage at this point is still low, but if you are encountering heaving bleeding and severe cramping, you should visit your doctor.

I don’t feel pregnant anymore at 12 weeks

This is the last stage of the first trimester. At this stage, you will feel more energized compared to the past weeks.

In the 12th week, you will still experience pregnancy symptoms, bleeding and pain. However, because of the excessive energy, you won’t be much exhausted.

At this phase, don’t take any risks. If you don’t feel pregnant, immediately visit your doctor and get some pregnancy tests.

I don’t feel pregnant anymore during the second trimester

Unfortunately, there are still chances of miscarriage, but they are not that many. So, if you are not feeling pregnant anymore during the 2nd trimester, you don’t have to worry much.

In the 2nd trimester, your body will get used to pregnancy symptoms, and you won’t feel physically uncomfortable. At this stage, you should enjoy it because the next trimester won’t be relaxing for you.

The main reason why you don’t feel pregnant during the 2nd trimester is that your body has become more familiar with pregnancy symptoms. Therefore, you should enjoy this phase as much as possible because the next trimester will bring extreme contractions and fatigue.