Dreaming Of Holding A Baby: Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming Of Holding A Baby Spiritual Meaning

Typically, dreams are nothing more than imaginary stories which our brain creates. There are several interpretations of dreams, and some believe that dreams have a hidden or deep meaning. A dream that consists of a baby symbolizes a positive moment as babies represent harmony, innocence, and peace. 

However, dreams can have other meanings, and I had one in which I was holding a baby when I was going through my pregnancy. So I decided to conduct some research and found that a dream about a baby means discovering a new beginning in life.

This was one of the most in-depth baby dreams I ever had, even though all I saw was that I was breastfeeding someone. When you give birth, it is the purest and most beautiful experience in the world, but it comes with great responsibility.

Once you give birth, it is normal to feel stressed, anxious, and fearful because you now have a responsibility. You often worry about the type of mother you are or become in the future and whether you can handle the responsibility and the pressure that comes with it.

A baby is helpless and vulnerable and is 100 % dependent on the mother for care and protection. A dream about holding a baby can have many meanings, so I have l listed the most common baby dreams.

Hidden Meanings and Symbolism

A baby is the purest form of a human, unaware of its surroundings and innocent. Even though a baby cannot communicate or show emotions like an adult, they represent gentleness and love. However, a baby means a lot more than that; it symbolizes a new beginning for the parents.

A girl indicates a long journey ahead while having a dream about a baby boy indicates strength. However, both genders can symbolize argument and conflict in your love life or the workplace.

This stems from the anxiety and insecurity of having a baby and the responsibility that comes with it. 

I had a dream I was holding a Baby Boy

Have you had a dream about holding a baby boy? This dream delivers a powerful message of fulfillment and success of your deepest desires and wishes. However, it also represents other things, such as changes in life, but unfortunately, this change is not always positive.

If you are in a relationship and dream of having a baby boy one day, it could mean that you will go through a stage of crisis with your partner. This stage of crisis can even lead to a breakup. If you sense cracks are developing in your relationship, try to fix them before they widen.

However, this dream can also have other meanings, as it might represent the need to take control of your life. If something in your life bothers you, your mind probably tells you to face it. This dream can also indicate that you might experience health-related problems, so you need to take care of yourself.

Dream of holding a Baby Girl

If you are single and dream of holding a baby girl one day, you should pack your stuff and go on a journey for private or professional purposes. Typically, holding a baby girl in a dream is not considered a good sign because it indicates disagreements and conflicts in the future.

After having this, you might encounter problems at work, affecting your health and career.

Holding a Baby and carrying it around

There have been instances in your life where you have picked a baby up and carried it around. The baby probably belonged to a friend, cousin, or sibling. Your brain can memorize these moments and plays them continuously in the dreams.

However, these dreams have a deeper meaning, and it is not a coincidence that you’re having these dreams at a certain point in your life. This dream is generally considered positive, as it symbolizes financial growth.  It can lead to a significant increase in savings or profits. 

However, your finances might not increase at all and stay stable, and it could also be a warning because if you give someone financial support, all your wealth may disappear.

Holding a Baby that is crying

If the baby you are holding is crying, this dream indicates that you should avoid uncomfortable situations. An uncomfortable situation for people may be a family gathering or meeting strangers. This dream can also indicate immaturity, and if you feel neglected by the ones you love, your mind might be telling you that you require more nurturing and attention.

If the baby in the dream stops crying without your help, it is considered a warning, and there might be danger lurking in your life in the future. 

Holding a Baby while breastfeeding it

Women that are pregnant often have these types of dreams before they give birth. This dream brings happiness and peace to the woman’s home even before the baby arrives. This dream is also significant for non-pregnant women, as it means that you have become responsible and are ready for the challenges ahead.

However, the journey has just begun, and you will need to prove yourself in life and at work. Try to organize the priorities and stick with them. It doesn’t matter what people have to say about you or your priorities. Don’t let people convince you that your priorities are wrong.

Carrying a baby that is dead

This dream quickly becomes a nightmare, and when people wake up from it, tears flow from their eyes. If you have this type of dream, it indicates that your new plans, projects or ideas may be unsuccessful. 

You need to weigh the pros and cons of a project before investing your wealth and time in it.  You must also come with a bulletproof strategy. This dream can also mean that someone in your life is jealous of you and is trying to sabotage you. Innocence and naivety can prove costly, so be careful before letting people in your circle.

Carrying a Baby that is ugly

This dream is interesting because the term ugly is subjective. For instance, some people consider all babies ugly, while others think all are beautiful. However, if you had such a dream, it might indicate what you think of yourself.  This dream can mean that you are insecure about your physical attributes and appearance.

Dreaming of an ugly baby can also mean that you don’t trust your colleagues or friends, that you are constantly analyzing your intentions. 

Carrying a Newborn

Women that are pregnant regularly have this dream; however, even non-pregnant women can have this dream. If you are married or in a relationship, and you have this dream, it means that your motherly instincts are telling you to become a mother.

This dream is followed by dreams of giving birth to a baby, especially if you give birth for the first time. However, these dreams aren’t always connected to giving birth.  A newborn dream may indicate a new phase in your life. Once you’ve had this time, you must put the past behind you and focus on the future. You should also use your time wisely.

Holding the hands of a baby while it’s taking its first steps

Having a dream about a baby walking for the first time is considered positive. This dream can also indicate that you might have some unexpected guests in the near future. Walking for the first time is the first big achievement of the baby’s life and is a significant event for you.

Holding a baby while they are peeing or pooping

This situation might not be pleasant, but having a dream in which the baby is pooping is positive. This dream indicates that you can trust your friends, especially when you require their help. It also means that your buddies respect and love you.

Having a dream about a baby peeing is also a positive sign, as it indicates that you will have opportunities in the future to travel abroad for work and earn a decent living. 

Carrying a baby that is sleeping

Having a sleeping baby in the dreams is not uncommon; in fact, you might have this dream the first few months after you give birth. These dreams are considered positive because babies are happy and peaceful when they are asleep, which is a sign that you are peaceful and happy.

This dream could also lead to more good news, or you may start enjoying the time you spend with your family.

Carrying a smiling baby

No matter how tired you are, a baby that is smiling will instantly put a smile on your face. Babies show pure emotions, and their smile melts hearts. So, if you have such a dream, it will lead to a healthy relationship with your friends and family members.


There are many types of dreams, some are good, and others are bad. However, this article will help you understand the meaning behind your baby dreams. If you are confused, try to talk to someone close; maybe they can help you develop some insight.