Can You Return Diapers To Walmart? (Policies, Exchanges, Receipts)

Can You Return Diapers To Walmart

Diapers are the basic needs of a newborn baby. Most parents out there know that it is often famine or feast with wipes, diapers, and other baby products like baby oil that your baby needs daily.

Therefore, parents usually try to stockpile diapers so that they won’t need to go to Walmart daily. If you don’t like a certain brand or have bought too many diapers in the wrong size, you must know how to return diapers at Walmart.

Even if you don’t have a receipt, you can return unopened diapers at Walmart within 90 days of the purchase. Furthermore, if your diapers have passed through a Walmart verification scan, you can return them even after 90 days. However, keep in mind that Walmart won’t accept any opened diaper packages.

To save your precious time and energy, you must read this whole article even before you go to Walmart. While in most cases, returning stuff at Walmart is a piece of cake, there are still some exceptions that can even lead to the discretion of the store manager.

Read on to learn about the active Walmart diaper return policy.

Can diapers be returned or exchanged to a different store?

If you have received a lot of diapers at your baby shower or as a gift from family or friends, you probably don’t know from which store they have come from without a valid gift receipt. Sadly, most retailers, including Walmart, won’t accept a certain product bought from other stores.

You won’t get any return or exchange on Walmart if you have bought the diapers from a different store. This is because different stores sell a variety of products with different numbers of diapers in them. As a result, if you try to return a certain pack of diapers at Walmart that wasn’t issued by Walmart, it won’t even appear in their system.

Whether a barcode is invalid or a product isn’t available in Walmart’s system, they won’t offer you an exchange or return. So, if you have bought a product from Amazon but don’t like the delivered item, instead of returning it at Walmart, you should return the product at Amazon’s UPS drop-off because it is the more legit and convenient approach.

You surely cannot return a product purchased from Amazon to Walmart because that certain product won’t be in their system. Some people do have achieved success in this matter, but your luck may vary!

Walmart diaper exchange and return policy for 2022

Generally speaking, diapers don’t actually feature an expiration date. So, if your child has outgrown them, you can simply hold on to your diapers in case you are expecting a new baby in the future. If not, keep reading to learn all about Walmart and its return and exchange policy.

Walmart features the same return and exchange policy for all of its products.

Any item that you have bought from Walmart can be returned within 90 days of the purchase. It is recommended that you bring a receipt at the store for the product that needs to be exchanged or returned for a store credit and refund, including diapers. Both online orders and in-store purchases will be entertained under this policy.

To return your product at Walmart, you’ll need to visit the Walmart customer service area. There are some things you might need to avoid delay or inconvenience, such as:

  • Form of Payment
  • Your ID
  • Receipt

If you have bought your diapers from an online store, your particular seller will carry the returning process!

Walmart’s return policy with no receipt

So, you have bought a product at Walmart but don’t have a receipt on you – what should you do?

In that case, it’s completely up to Walmart whether to accept a return or not. There is a possibility that Walmart might accept a return under certain circumstances. For this approach, you’ll need to represent a photo ID that will allow the customer service to verify that you’re not a repeat returner.

Ideally, you should not return more than three items at Walmart in one year. With your photo ID, Walmart will also verify the product to ensure that the item was, in fact, sold by the Walmart store.

Make sure you buy a product at Walmart that passes through the verification process. This method guarantees that the product was actually sold by a Walmart store and can be moved back into Walmart’s system as a return.

If you don’t have a valid Walmart receipt, you can:

  • Return the product for store credit
  • Return the product for cash refund
  • Exchange the item for another product

It’s noteworthy to mention that you can always reprint a receipt from Walmart’s official website if you have bought the product from an online store.

Returning diapers to Walmart after 90 days

As you can see, originally, you can return or exchange any Walmart product within 90 days of purchase. If you have a valid receipt and ID, the returning process will be hassle-free. If you don’t have a receipt, Walmart has the right to refuse or accept the return. 

But what about after 90 days? Can you return diapers at Walmart after 90 days of purchase?

Well, in that case, the decision will be completely up to the store manager, meaning your experience might differ from store to store. If one store manager accepts the return after 90 days, the other one might refuse it. You can give it a try at your local Walmart store and try to be extra polite.

If you have a valid receipt and your pack of diapers is not opened, you might have a chance to get a cash refund or store credit. However, if you don’t have a receipt after 90 days, your product needs to pass through the verification process, and if you are lucky, you will be able to get a return or even exchange at Walmart.

Exchanging diapers at Walmart

According to many customers, Walmart does not entertain exchanges with a full heart. Instead of exchanging a product with another one, they will just return it and give you store credit or cash to buy another product on your own.

This is because returning policies are often less lenient than exchange policies. So, when you get a return or exchange, the end result will be the same.

What about returning diapers to Walmart from a baby registry?

Unfortunately, there are no special or separate returning policies around the baby registry at Walmart. 

To return diapers from a baby registry at Walmart, you still need a valid receipt and photo ID if you don’t have a receipt. Furthermore, the diapers must pass through the verification process to ensure that it is a legit purchase. 

Just like regular return policies, you can exchange or return diapers at Walmart from the baby registry for:

  • Store credit if the product is over $25
  • Cash refund if the product is less than $25

Credit or Debit Card Refunds:

Here are some specific guidelines when it comes to getting a refund for your online orders:

  • If you have used a debit card, you will likely get a refund in cash.
  • You should bring your original card to the customer service area. If the card is unavailable, you will receive a Walmart gift card.
  • The refunds will be transferred into your account within 10 business days.

Can you return open diapers to Walmart?

Now, if you’ve already opened a package, you’re probably out of luck.

Walmart cannot accept opened packages of diapers as a return or exchange even if you have a valid receipt and payment proof. According to state and federal safety & healthy regulations, no Walmart store can resell an open pack of diapers.

As a result, the store manager won’t probably accept a return of opened pack of diapers at any cost. However, you should not just throw these diapers away.

Instead, donate them to a local diaper bank so that other parents can use them or stock them if you have another infant down the road.

Overall return experience at Walmart

In general, the overall return policy at Walmart is quite lenient. Therefore, to protect your money and time, you should save your receipt so that you don’t experience any unnecessary trouble. If you have got several diapers from your family and friend, you should not be afraid of asking them about the receipt. 

Your child can go through a growth spurt at any time. So, it’s best to know about the return policy at Walmart, Target, and other popular stores to save some extra bucks.

Final Thoughts

Walmart is one of the best retail companies available out there. If you are one of those parents who like to stock diapers, you will be happy to know that you can return your products are Walmart without any hassle.

For this approach, all you need is a receipt and visit the Walmart customer service area. According to their return policy, you can return a product at Walmart within 90 days of purchase as long as the product passes through the verification process!