When Can Babies Eat Goldfish?

When Can Babies Eat Goldfish

Goldfish are edible just like any other fish. You were probably thinking goldfish are only kept as pets, but nope, they’re eaten as well. However, due to obvious reasons, we’re not talking about actual goldfish. Goldfish are crackers in the shape and color of a goldfish. Goldfish crackers are made by Pepperidge Farm. These crackers are widely famous and are mainly made of cheese and flour, not actual goldfish!  

So you’re wondering if you should feed your baby these super cheesy, crunchy, and tasty crackers in the shape of goldfish. This article will answer this question for you and cover all your goldfish-related inquiries. 

Can you give your baby Goldfish crackers?

Goldfish crackers are tiny little tasty snacks that are super crunchy and cheesy, they have been famous for a long time, and almost everyone, no matter the age, loves eating them. 

Goldfish crackers are low in sugar-rich in whole grains. They contain omega 3 acids as well, which are amazing for your baby’s health. They have a lot of different flavors as well. These are nutritious snacks for babies, but however, according to several deeply studied research studies, it has been found that goldfish crackers are not really good for your baby. They’re a big no for babies under 1 year. After your baby turns 1 year, Goldfish crackers are only then okay to give to your baby as your baby has matured and grown enough to eat different sorts of foods and can chew properly, lessening the probability of choking. There are still a lot of good and safe alternatives for your baby to try if you still want to give your baby something soft and easily chewable after he or she turns a year old. 

Choking hazards

If your baby is under a year old, he or she hasn’t been developed enough to eat certain types of food and babies this age cannot chew properly. Babies a year under can have choking hazards with these types of tiny crispy solid foods that have sharp edges like how goldfish crackers have. It’s best to wait till your baby turns a year older or more. Any age below 1 year will have choking risks. Choking can cause several concerning infections and health conditions like pneumonia. This happens when bits and crumbs of these food items gets stuck in the baby’s lungs when he or she is choking.

You obviously want a snack that is easy for your baby to eat and has no choking risks. People often get cheerios for this purpose as they’re tiny, easily chewable, and have no risks to getting choked on. If your baby is more than 12 months old, they can try these tiny foods like cheerios or goldfish crackers. They’ve matured to eat more than what they used to. Sometimes we parents get concerned if the product we’re giving our baby is okay or not, lots of companies put certain kinds of ingredients in their food items that makes their foods addictive in a sense, and you’d want to eat them more and more, these types of things are harmful for baby because if your baby ate these things, it will be difficult to give him or her actual healthy food, so it’s better to be cautious than put your baby’s diet at risk. 

Goldfish crackers, however, mainly have cheddar cheese and flour, there are still artificial flavors and such things present in these crackers, but they aren’t addictive. All ingredients are tested and safe. You still need to be sure do thorough research and check if your baby has any allergic reactions to these crackers or if it’s being a choking hazard.

High Sodium amount

The brand that Goldfish crackers come from is Pepperidge farms, and they’re famous for their high in sodium snacks. Each serving of goldfish crackers has 100mg of salt. This is way too much salt for your little one. 

A lot of salt in your baby’s diet can cause several concerning health-related problems like high blood pressure, kidney-related diseases and diabetes. In some cases, your baby can even get a serious enough condition to end up in the emergency room. Too much salt for your baby is harmful because your baby’s kidneys are yet to be developed fully, so they cannot handle such high amounts of salt. Baby kidneys cannot prevent excess salt from getting inside like adult kidneys do. 

If your baby gets a liking to this high amount of salt, he or she will most likely prefer salty foods more than foods with less salt, which is even worse.

Your baby can suffer from high blood pressure, several heart and kidney related diseases and much more concerning conditions due to a high intake of salt. Babies around 1 year or above can eat Goldfish crackers as the salt won’t affect them as much, still however it is highly recommended that you should give very little amounts of these crackers. Babies under a year old haven’t developed as much so they will not only have risks of choking but also it could affect their health due to the high amount of salt. 

Occasionally giving your baby a snack with this much salt in a week is alright. Crackers of other brands have even more than the amount of salt, Goldfish crackers have.

Other ingredients

No matter how good of a brand it is and how good the reviews of the product has, some part of you is always unsure about what things the food item you’re feeding your baby has and this concern is completely valid. Stuff like these snacks always has artificial coloring, artificial ingredients, chemicals and other things that can have a negative impact on your baby’s diet. A year or older baby is old enough to sit with the family and eat whatever they’re eating but if your baby is younger, your concern is obviously going to be more.


MSG is Monosodium Glutamate, sodium glutamate is another name for it. It is a flavor enhancer and a sodium salt. This glutamate sodium salt is said to be high addictive. This is the ingredient that snacks like these usually have, which gives them that savory taste, and when you eat them, you want to keep eating them. Not only adults but especially babies should avoid Monosodium Glutamate as it’ll affect the baby’s diet immensely, and your baby would want to eat snacks rather than actual healthy food. 

Other options 

If you have a store near your place, you can get a pack of cheese crackers that are organic and is of any other brand. You can make little pieces of them for your baby, so he or she can easily chew and consume them. The big difference this will have is that these will have organic ingredients perfect for your baby’s health, still, make sure by checking the nutrition chart of the package. 

You can also make your own cheese crackers at home. This way, you’ll come up with the healthiest option for your baby and also the safest one. You will have full control over what you’re making and adding in your crackers, so you’ll finally be super sure.

Sleep schedule  

Your baby’s sleep schedule can be greatly affected if you give him or her Goldfish crackers. A baby’s diet has a big impact on their sleeping. Most parents give whatever they want to their babies and only keep in mind what good can it have but completely forget how will your baby sleep after something new like this. Another thing that you might not know is your baby could also get nightmares after eating Goldfish crackers, there is no plausible explanation as to why this happens, but most parents believe that it is a cause of their baby randomly waking up crying sometimes at night.  


Due to the fact that they have MSG, a sodium salt of glutamate, which makes these snacks very addictive, they’re also tiny, require no effort to give and are quick, they have a few nutritional qualities too. With all of this, you not only think of munching them yourself, but you also start to give it your baby. Not only you but also your baby wants to eat more you’re slowly eating Goldfish crackers rather than something healthy. This cycle continues, and not only this is bad for you, but it’s worse for your baby. Take time to process and either find a better alternative or make them yourself because eating a lot of Goldfish crackers is bad for you and your baby’s health.


In conclusion, giving your one year baby who can eat things properly and doesn’t choke on edibles Goldfish crackers is alright but only in little amounts and that too occasionally as a treat. Don’t let your baby get an addiction to these little fishes. For babies under a year old, these crackers can cause several concerning conditions that will affect your baby’s health, so it’s a big no.