Where Can I Get My Baby’s Ears Pierced? (Best Places!)

Where Can I Get My Babys Ears Pierced

Baby ear piercing is one of the most common practices across numerous cultures. When it comes to piercing a baby’s ears, there are no right or wrong answers. Most people do this because of their culture, while others want to practice this due to cosmetics.

No matter the reason, if you have made your mind, it’s time to find a good place that follows safety and health guidelines to pierce your baby’s ears.

Of course, a pediatrician’s office or a tattoo parlor is the best place to get your child’s ear pierced. This is because these places follow all safety guidelines and use a hollow and sharp needle that is safer and less painful than the piercing gun used at Claire’s and Walmart.

Keep reading to find the best places to get your baby’s ear pierced without worrying about any side effects.

When can I get my Baby’s Ears Pierced?

Before going any further, it’s important you know when you can get your child’s ears pierced. Generally speaking, if you are hiring a professional, you can get this practice done anytime. However, according to AAP, you should wait until your kid gets old enough to make that decision on their own. 

If you want to pierce your little one’s ears in infancy, you should at least wait until they get 3 months old to reduce the risk of infections.

It’s noteworthy to mention if your kid does get an ear infection, they must stay at the hospital due to several safety and health protocols. Furthermore, you should make sure your baby gets a tetanus shot before you get their ear pierced.

Do Babies need shots before getting Ears Pierced?

Tetanus shots are a must-have if you want to pierce your little one’s ear in infancy. According to many experts, your kid should at least have 2 tetanus vaccines before getting their ear pierced. This approach will offer some additional protection against possible infections.

How to care for Infant Ear Piercings

Just like adults and older children, there are some things to consider before getting your baby’s ear pierced. Once that step is done, you need to take some extra care of your child to prevent infection and pain.

Here are some of the most useful steps to protect your kid from infections:

  • Don’t touch the ear unless you are cleaning them
  • Always clean your hands to avoid infections
  • Clean the piercing area at least 2-3 times a day. For this approach, you can use a cotton swab and alcohol.
  • Don’t try to change the hoops for the first four weeks.
  • For the first 24 hours, look for swelling, puss, and redness.

If you see signs of infections, visit your pediatrician and ask for professional help.

How do you pierce an infant’s Ears?

There are several ways to pierce an infant’s ears. However, the ideal and the safest way to pierce a child’s ears is by a piercing needle, not a gun, which you will certainly see at numerous jewelry stores and mall kiosks.

Piercing a child’s ears is just like piercing an adult’s body parts. First, a mark is made to make holes along with sterilization. Afterward, piercing is made through a needle or gun. We recommend sticking with a piercing needle and holding your kid to a fixed position. Once the piercing is done, a professional will put the earnings in your child’s ears.

You should pay close attention to the sterilization and piercing process to ensure the technician is following all health & safety guidelines.

Do they numb Baby’s ears before Piercing?

When it comes to piercing, this is surely not a pleasant experience for your baby. To eliminate any pain during the process, you should try to bring a pack of ice in order to numb the ear before piercing. This approach will surely provide relief afterward.

Most medical professionals and pediatricians use earlobe or numbing cream after piercing. So, once you are done with the piercing process, you should definitely pay a visit to your pediatrician. 

Do Babies cry when they get their Ears Pierced?

As mentioned earlier, piercing is not one of the most pleasing procedures a baby can experience. Just like injections, a piercing needle can cause severe pain and irritation, which can lead to some tears.

To help your baby out, you can bring ice packs, a bottle, a pacifier, and their favorite toys. These products will provide some comfort afterward and help you distract your baby. 

If you want to pierce both of your child’s ears, we recommend hiring two technicians at a time. It will save you precious time and help your baby reduce anxiety and crying.

The best place to get a Baby’s Ears Pierced safely

Now that you know everything about ear piercing, it’s time to find the best piercing places near you. Besides malls, there are numerous places to get your baby’s ears pierced. However, you should definitely avoid any place that uses a piercing gun because this gadget increases the risks of infections.

According to APP, piercing guns are not the most convenient way to pierce a baby’s ear because they do not offer proper sanitation and have risks of infections. Most stores and mall kiosks use piercing guns. So, you should definitely find a better place.

Other than malls, you can go to a kiddie salon, area jeweler, tattoo parlor, pediatrician, or dermatologist to get your infant’s ears pierced. Just make sure you do your complete research and check with your local Better Business Bureau. 

If your pediatrician does not offer piercing services, you should find a place and follow the following guidelines:

  • Check out reviews and portfolios
  • Ask about sterilization techniques and process
  • Looks for the APP accreditation
  • Confirm the credentials of the location
  • Check out on the Better Business Bureau

Tattoo Parlor

A tattoo parlor that follows strict safety and health guidelines is surely the best place to get your little one’s ears pierced. This is because these parlors have trained professionals that are properly educated about sterilization techniques and processes.

Will tattoo shops Pierce Baby’s Ears?

Most tattoo parlors out there with better reviews can pierce a baby’s ears as well. These parlors might charge more than a mall kiosk, but they are certainly worth every penny.

Can a Baby go into a Tattoo shop?

In most states, kids under 18 can only go to a tattoo shop with their guardians. So, be careful and do your research about your state’s rules and regulations related to minors.


Not all, but some pediatricians also offer ear-piercing services. This one is probably the most convenient and safest place to get your baby’s ears pierced because a health professional knows how to handle wound management and care.

Do all pediatricians Pierce Ears?

No, not all pediatricians offer ear-piercing services. However, if your healthcare professional does not pierce ears, you can ask for a recommendation.


A few Walmart locations also offer ear-piercing services. Keep in mind that the technician uses a piercing gun and Inverness System at Walmart. You can contact your local Walmart store to learn about their pricing and piercing process.

Is it safe to Pierce Baby Ears at Walmart?

Ideally, you should use a hollow needle to pierce your baby’s ears. However, if you don’t have access to the needle, you can surely visit Walmart and get your kid’s ear pierced with the Inverness System.


Claire’s stores are well-known for their accessories and jewelry for kiddos. However, did you know you can also get your kid’s ears pierced at Claire’s? At Claire’s, you can get your baby’s ears pierced free of cost if you buy the starter kits.

How old does a Baby have to be to get her Ears Pierced at Claire’s?

If your little one is at least 8 weeks old, you can get their ears pierced at Claire’s.

Is it safe to Pierce Baby Ears at Claire’s?

Yes, it is completely safe to get your child’s ears pierced at Claire’s because these stores use individually packaged, pre-sterilized equipment.

Piercing Pagoda

Another place that deserves a spot on our list is Piercing Pagoda. If your kid is over 2 months old, you can get their ears pierced at Piercing Pagoda. The best thing about this place is that they have multiple workers that can pierce your baby’s both ears at once to reduce crying and anxiety.

How old does a Baby have to be to get her Ears Pierced at Piercing Pagoda?

According to their official website, if your baby has a DTaP shot and is 2 months old, you can get their ears pierced at Piercing Pagoda.

Is it safe to Pierce Baby Ears at Piercing Pagoda?

The technicians at Piercing Pagoda receive training every year to adopt the best services and practices. They also use pre-packaged, sterilized, and single-use equipment for ear piercing. 

Furthermore, most Piercing Pagoda locations also provide short post-style earrings perfect for children and offer complimentary visits in case you’ve any concerns.