​​How To Avoid Getting Peed On By Baby Boy: 7 Easy Tips

How To Avoid Getting Peed On By Baby Boy

As a parent, you probably know that changing your baby boy’s diaper is not an easy task. During this approach, you have to know that you’re in the “Splash Zone.” Due to his anatomy, your little one can spray pee on you and your surroundings. 

However, there are some ways that can help you protect yourself from this scary proposition. 

The best way to prevent your child from peeing all over you is by trying to change the diaper as fast as possible. You can also keep your baby warm during the diaper changing process or encourage them to pea beforehand. There are several “Pee Guard” gadgets available out there. However, they are a total waste of your money and gimmick.

Protecting yourself from your baby’s pee might sometimes feel like an impossible thing. However, it’s always best if you have some magic tricks up your sleeves when it comes to parenting. Keep reading to learn our top 7 tips that will help you out a lot during the diaper changing process. 

1. Become a speed diaper changer

If you don’t want to get sprayed, you need to become an effective and quick diaper changer. However, becoming a master diaper changer is certainly not a piece of cake. It is truly easier said than done.

Keep in mind that you are only in the splash zone when your baby boy is not in a diaper. So, to reduce the risk of getting sprayed by pee, you need to put your child into a new diaper quickly without wasting any time.

Practice makes a mom perfect. At the start, it might seem like an impossible task, but as time passes, you will get used to it. To make this process quicker, you should have wipes, diapers, and other cleaning equipment even BEFORE you begin the diaper changing process. Don’t give your child much “Naked” time. It will only increase the risk of splashing.

To play it safe, you should place a new diaper under your little one and then slide the used one out once you unwrap it. With this approach, you will cover your boy’s pee-pee through the new diaper in no time.

The most significant and only flaw with this method is that it won’t be effective all the time – especially if your child pooped.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to slow down the process and wipe up his dirty butt. You can pick the following tips to overcome this flaw.

2. Make your baby boy pee before changing him

It might seem like an obvious tip, but many parents don’t know about it. Nowadays, this trick is also known as the “Cold Air” and “Cold Activation” tricks. 

With this method, you are basically trying to outsmart mother nature and your kid by getting him to pee even before a diaper change. As a result, he won’t be able to pee on you during the cleaning process. According to many experts, if you expose your kid’s private parts to cold, they will pee immediately.

Once your baby boy has peed, you can simply change the diaper without any hassle. To accomplish this goal, you can follow the following methods:

  • Place a wet and cold washcloth under the diaper
  • Rub a cold wipe on your child’s lower tummy
  • Open your baby’s diaper and let cool air in

For the last method, you can use a paper fan to boost the process. It’s noteworthy to mention that as your baby gets older, they will start to hold their pee at night. As a result, they will try to pee naturally in the morning. So, if you are not ready, it could be a dangerous time for diaper changing.

3. Keep your baby boy warm during the diaper change

This method is the complete opposite of the above one. Instead of using the cold air trick, you’ll need to use warmth for this approach.

Instead of using a cold wipe or diaper, you should try to keep your cleaning gadgets as warm as possible. Plus, you will also need to be quick if the room temperature is dropping. It is recommended that you change your child’s diaper near the heater or in the warmest room of the house. 

Furthermore, you can also use a high-performance wipe warmer, which ensures that your wipes are toasty and nice. There are thousands of wipe warmers available out there with different price tags and specifications. So, you should invest your time and find a product that will suit your budget perfectly.

With the help of these precautions, your baby will not get an urge to pee, and you will be able to change the diaper without worrying about the splash zone.

4. Check for visual cues that your boy is about to pee

Yes, newborn babies are not that socialized and cannot communicate effectively. However, they do give us numerous clues to justify their behavior. 

As a parent, you should pay close attention to all of your baby’s actions – especially when it comes to spraying pee while the diaper is off. During this phase, you will notice that your baby’s penis is sticking straight out moments before he is about to spray pee all over the place.

If you observe this kind of behavior, you should immediately abort the cleaning process and try to cover it with an old diaper. Once your boy empties his bladder, you can continue the cleanup and feel proud of yourself that you have saved yourself from a splash!

5. Cover your boy’s privates with the new diaper, a wipe, or burp cloth

This one is the most rational advice we can give you to protect yourself from your baby’s pee. It might seem like an obvious thing, but most parents out there are not doing it for whatever reason.

It’s true if you cover up your baby’s private part with a burp cloth, wipe, or diaper, it won’t prevent him from making a mess. However, it will still minimize the damage by protecting you and your surroundings. With this method, you won’t have to take a shower or clean your whole room because your baby has sprayed it with pee.

You can use different products for this approach, such as towels, blankets, burp cloths, wipes, diapers, and many more. Try to find a piece of clothing that can absorb pee quickly and more effectively.

When it comes to diapers, we recommend using a new one because it makes the process simple and quick. However, if you are dealing with a poopy diaper, this approach might not be an ideal one.

As with poopy diapers, the whole cleaning process gets complicated and slow; you might not be able to cover your child’s private parts in time. Plus, it will also increase the risk of getting stool all over other cleaning products. As a result, it will only increase the laundry and wasted diapers.

Therefore, we suggest using the earlier methods to prevent your child from spraying pee if you are dealing with a poopy diaper.

6. Avoid pee guards like Weeblocks, Peepee Teepees, and other gimmicks

If you search “How to prevent your child from peeing all over you?” on the internet, you will surely come across numerous pee guards such as Peepee Teepees, Weeblocks, and more. These products are advertised to protect you from your baby’s pee, but they are not an ideal way.

Pee guards are certainly adorable pieces of clothing, and many of these products are even reusable and washable. However, according to many experts, they are complete gimmicks and a huge waste of your money and time. 

The most significant problem with a pee guard is that this product is not actually more effective than a piece of clothing at your house. Plus, even the washable pee guards don’t have an impressive life span. If you check the reviews for these products, you will surely see that most people are not satisfied with them and think they are not helpful.

At your baby shower, if you get pee guards as a gift, you can surely give them a try because they won’t cause any health problems. However, afterward, you should stick with hot wipes, new diapers, and a clean piece of clothing to avoid pee splashes.

7. Have a failsafe in place in case of total failure

So, you have tried all the above-mentioned tips, but everything is in vain – what should you do?

Well, it’s always good to imagine the worst if you are dealing with a baby. If the above tips are not effective for you, you should acknowledge your failure and accept your defeat. Keep a failsafe near you in case your baby successfully splashes his pee all around you. 

You can use a thick towel or piece of clothing in the changing area, ensuring you have something to absorb the pee and protect your carpet. Try to use a single, big piece to reduce the laundry.

We hope you have understood how to prevent your boy from peeing all over you during a diaper change. Stay dry!