Baby Boy Is Peeing Up Out of His Diaper! Why & How To Fix It

Baby Boy Peeing Out Back Of Diaper

There is only one thing more frustrating than dealing with nasty diapers and that’s leaked diapers. Imagine you have just changed your little one’s poopy diaper and now want to spend some quality time with them. However, after a few minutes, you notice that your kid is soaking wet with his own pee again.

So, the first question that will pop into your mind will be, why is your kid peeing out of his new diaper?

Well, the most common reason why you are facing a leaking diaper is that your baby’s diaper is not of the correct size. If you offer a larger diaper to your little one, it won’t be able to absorb urine effectively. On the other hand, if the diaper is too small, it won’t be spongy enough. If the diaper is of perfect size, but you are still facing leakage, it may be because your kid’s penis is pointing upward.

To get more insight, keep reading to learn why your kid is peeing through his diapers. Plus, to help you out, below, we have also provided useful tips that are you can apply to solve this problem.

Handy Hint: If your little one’s diaper is too big for him or doesn’t fit him just right, you may want to consider returning the diapers to retailers like Walmart and pick a different diaper size.

My baby boy is peeing up out of the top of his diaper

So, it has happened again. Kids peeing up out of their diapers is not a rare thing. However, it surely is a frustrating crisis. It increases the irritation, overflowing laundry as well as concerns. Furthermore, sometimes, it even seems like there are no effective diapers left in this world that can hold your kid’s pee stream.

However, that’s not completely true. Luckily, you can easily prevent this problem if you just know some magic tricks. Continue reading to learn those magic tricks and the common reasons why you are facing a diaper leakage issue.

Why it is happening

Let’s start with the basic question, why is your kid peeing out of the top of their diaper?

Well, one of the most common reasons why you are facing this problem is your baby boy’s anatomy. Instead of the diaper, if your baby’s private part is pointing upward, his urine stream will eventually point upward as well. As a result, their diaper’s waistband will get wet, as well as everything that lies beyond.

You might encounter this scenario if your baby boy is laying down and playing while his penis points upward. Besides your boy’s anatomy, another reason for this problem is offering your kid a larger diaper. 

A larger diaper won’t be able to fit perfectly around his waist. As a result, the urine will pass through the diaper’s waistband instead of getting absorbed. Suppose the size is correct and your boy’s penis is not positioned upward. In that case, the urine leakage might be occurring because the diaper’s waistband is not high enough according to your baby’s tummy.

How to fix it

Once you determine the cause, you can easily find a solution to the diaper leakage from the top. It’s recommended to pull the diaper’s front slightly higher before closing it. Afterward, just tap on your kid’s diaper to put it in the right place.

You should ensure that your boy’s diaper is covering his belly button. Remember, the higher the waistband, the more diaper absorbent material for your baby to absorb the pee. Plus, make sure you reposition your kid’s private part so that it is pointing at the diaper instead of the waistband.

To reposition your little boy’s penis, you can use your thumb. It is recommended that your kid’s private part is pointing downward because it is considered the spongiest part of a diaper. 

What to do if your baby boy is peeing out the back of his diaper

It might seem like a silly thing, but sometimes, your little guy can pee out through the backside of his diaper. A combination of the expensive mattress cover and the pee-soaked diaper is certainly not a pleasing thing. Plus, along with unhappiness, this condition will also lead to frustration and exhaustion for parents.

However, you don’t have to be concerned because this condition is also quite common as well as preventable.

Why it is happening

Back leaks are usually a result of bad diaper placement. If you have an energetic child who likes to play around and wiggles away during diaper changing, you might not be able to create a stable seal. As a result, the urine stream will come through the backside of the waistband.

The most common reason why you are dealing with constant urine leakage from the backside of your baby’s diaper is that you are using a larger diaper, which doesn’t fit properly around your baby’s waist. As a result, this kind of diaper won’t be able to absorb urine adequately, and you’ll have to deal with dirty onesies.

It’s also a possibility that the diaper failed to keep its actual position while your baby was playing around. This approach will certainly offer less coverage and leave plenty of openings for urine to pass through the backside.

How to fix it

The solution to this problem is quite straightforward: you need a diaper that fits properly.

You should not use a too-large diaper and try to find a product that fits your baby boy’s bum perfectly. Your selected product should sit perfectly on your baby’s body, with no ample openings or gaps. If you see any gap between the material form or the baby’s diaper, your little one will surely need a smaller size.

You should not try to fit larger diapers on your baby’s waist aggressively. Instead, try to create a smooth seal that covers a sufficient area of your child’s belly. 

What if baby boy keeps peeing through his diaper?

Babies can easily play tricks on their parents. One moment you are looking at your little boy playing around in a tidy and dry diaper, and in the other moment, your child is wobbling across your bedroom with his onesies sagging and hanging heavy. 

This is a sign that they have tricked you, and they are peeing out through the diaper. If that’s the case, it’s rational to ask why this is happening and what should you do to stop it?

Why it is happening

This condition is actually the exact opposite of the above one. In this scenario, you are using a smaller diaper that cannot hold your baby’s stool adequately.

We all know babies can grow rapidly. As your little one grows, he will certainly create a greater urine volume per day, meaning you need a larger diaper that can absorb more urine effectively. This is the main reason why most experts recommend using a larger diaper at night-time.

If you use a larger diaper that does not create many gaps, it will be able to hold the pee in for a longer period. Keep in mind that your little one requires regular diaper changes. If you don’t change an old diaper, he will just pee through it after some time.

How to fix it

To solve this problem, just offer your kid a larger diaper.

Remember, if you use a diaper that is too large for your baby, it will just do more harm than good. Try to get a larger diaper that does not create many openings. Otherwise, the pee will just come out from the back or the top. Plus, try to seal the larger diaper above your kid’s belly button. This won’t cause a sagging onesie.

In simplest words, always try to get a diaper for your kid that sits perfectly and is in the correct size.

Signs that your child’s diaper sits perfectly:

  • Your kid’s weight is listed in the weight range on the diaper package.
  • The diaper is not creating any red marks around the stomach or legs.
  • There is at least room for 2 fingers between the waistband and your kid’s waist.
  • Your little one’s bum is covered completely.
  • There are no openings around your kid’s belly or thighs.
  • The waistband is not too high nor too low.
  • The waistband of the diaper fits snuggly.

Your kid’s diaper is too large if it creates ample gaps or openings between your baby’s legs and belly and the diaper. Plus, make sure there is no more than 2 fingers space between your kid’s waist and waistband. Otherwise, it will create multiple gaps that will release pee directly out of his diaper.

Your kid’s diaper is too small if it’s causing pain to your kid. Plus, this kind of diaper will create red marks all around of baby’s body. This type of diaper will cause leakage more frequently because they won’t be able to hold excessive stool and pee.

First of all, you should never purchase a too small or too big diaper for your kid. This is because it will do more harm than good. However, if you are stuck with too big diapers, you should try to seal the waistband perfectly to avoid gaps. On the other hand, if they are too small, change the diaper frequently to avoid overflowing.