Postpartum Doulas

This list includes doulas who charge a fee for services. They are all self-employed and have designed their own service packages and set their own fees. You are encouraged to contact listed doulas to determine who will best be able to meet your unique needs. To learn more about doulas, or for additional leads on finding a doula and tips for hiring a doula, check out All About Doulas: A consumer’s guide to getting the help you need. If you cannot afford a doula, Southeast Michigan Doula Project is a nonprofit organization that matches volunteer doulas with families in need. If you do not find what you are looking for here, check our Links section.

Lisa Anderson
Bright Beginnings Postpartum Doula Services
Ann Arbor-Saline, MI

Providing guidance on strategies to improve healing after childbirth, connecting with baby, organizing the home for success, sleep struggle strategies, baby care essentials training and breastfeeding support. Infant care also provided to help mom’s recovery.
As a maternal and infant therapist, adjustment counseling is available for postpartum depression and anxiety.

Brenna Beltramo
Believe Breathe Birth Doula Services
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 707-8914
Serving Southeast Michigan

The first weeks immediately postpartum are a wonderful time, but can also be very overwhelming. I offer emotional, physical and logistical support (cooking, cleaning, etc.) in your recovery and transition to motherhood so you can spend your time and energy bonding with, and getting to know your newborn.

Krista Dragun & Whitney Kolongowski
Dawn of Life Doula Services
Serving southeastern Michigan

The postpartum period is a time of transition, learning, growing, loving and, sometimes frustration. Our goal is to help families find their way through this challenging time by supporting their own parenting instincts. We also help with practical household issues — dishes, cooking, light cleaning etc., as well as baby care, recovery and breastfeeding.

Catherine Fischer, MA CPD
Support For Growing Families
Serving Washtenaw County, Michigan

I love supporting parents! I have specialized in postpartum doula care for seven years, emphasizing understanding babies’ needs and offering emotional and practical support for the whole family. I welcome all families. I was honored to be voted “Favorite Local Doula” in this year’s Ann Arbor Family Press.

Jodi Long & Stephanie Julian
Ann Arbor Doulas
Serving Ann Arbor and all of SE Michigan

Research shows that moms, dads and babies have an easier time with the postpartum transition if a good support team is in place. We offer evidence-based care and have combined experience of over 30 years. We are available for day or overnight hours.

Gillian McClinsey-Powell
Gentle Intuition Doula & Massage
Serving families in the Ann Arbor area

Mothers who are well cared for, rested and nourished have better recovery after birth and more confidence when caring for their babies. The more relaxed and secure that you feel, the more time you have to bond with and learn about your baby.

Tree Town Doulas

Tree Town Doulas is a collective of three independent doulas who draw from over 35 years of combined experience. Hire the doula that is the best fit for you! Our clients benefit from the depth of our unique and specialized services as your families’ need evolve. Initial consultation is free!

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