Midwifery Care

The list below is not comprehensive, nor is it an endorsement by the Center, since the midwives must pay to be included here. However, our policy is to refuse advertising from anyone we know to be misrepresenting herself or otherwise untrustworthy. To learn more about the status of midwifery in Michigan, the differences between certified nurse midwives and direct-entry midwives, how to hire a midwife and more, please check out Midwifery in Michigan: A Consumer’s Guide.┬áIn this article, you will find additional leads for identifying midwives throughout the state.

New Moon Midwifery
Ann Arbor, MI
Serving Southeast Michigan

New Moon Midwifery provides skilled, experienced, woman-centered prenatal, birth, and postpartum midwifery care to women planning homebirth. Continuing a 20+ year reputation of excellence, Amanda Howell, CPM specializes in individualized out-of-hospital maternity care including prenatal nutrition, waterbirth, VBAC, and holistic midwifery practice. She is a NARM Certified Professional Midwife.

BirthLink Network Chicago
Evanston IL

BirthLink is an information source for families that are seeking optimal health and wellness with regard to childbirth and health care. Our provider directory covers the Chicagoland region. Parents can benefit from general information. We also offer birth options consultations which can be on the phone or by Skype.