Dancing for Birth ~ Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Classes

Dancing for Birth is a unique fusion of pre/postnatal fitness, birth preparation and support circle.

dancing for birthWith Whitney Kolongowski

Dancing for Birth classes are specially designed for women in any stage of pregnancy and for postpartum women wearing their babies in soft slings or wraps. No previous dance experience required. We don’t care if you have two left feet!

Please contact Whitney Kolongowski, the instructor for this class, for schedule and fee information.

Watch two Dancing for Birth class videos.


Join a supportive circle of expectant and new moms!

  • Share in essential birth wisdom.
  • Laugh! Get those endorphins flowing …
  • Wear baby in a sling or wrap and continue to dance after your baby is born.

Dancing For Birth classes teach a “language of movement” inspired by world dance forms like Belly dance, African dance and Latin dance. The 90-minute weekly classes fuse dance fitness with birth preparation. Women often come to class for fun and fitness and gain more than they expected to as they are encouraged to tap into their innate wisdom of how to give birth.

6 Reasons to dance during pregnancy

one Reduces stress and tension, lowering blood pressure and adrenalin

twoIncreases the flow of oxytocin, which allows labor to start naturally

threeGives you confidence in your body, confidence in your ability to labor

fourLiberates self-judgment, enabling bonding with your baby and partner

fiveLoosens hips, lubricating, stretching and widening the pelvic outlet for ease of delivery

sixCorrects breech or posterior presentations and supports optimal fetal positioning


Dancing For Birth

Learning the Moves

More Dancing for Birth Benefits!

From the founder of Dancing for Birth, Stephanie Larson …

“What if you could harness gravity to your advantage during labor? How much more effective will birth be when you utilize the pushing position that as much as doubles the size of your pelvic outlet for ease of birth? How would your birth plans change if you knew how to move your body in order to correct your baby’s breech or posterior position? With each class you’ll learn techniques that support a safer, easier birth, and you’ll increase your confidence for empowered, enjoyable birth and mothering.

Dancing is a fun and gentle exercise that everyone can enjoy. This is the perfect time to connect with your body and your baby through movement and awareness. You have primal and powerful birth instincts within you, awaiting activation. You’ll be surprised at the numerous benefits for your pregnancy, your birth, your baby and your postpartum recovery.”

Dancing For Birth

Support Circle

What do past participants in this class have to say?

“I have really enjoyed taking the Dancing for Birth classes! The instructor, Whitney, is warm, friendly and creates a welcoming classroom community. She encourages participants to share their experiences and learn from one another, as well as sharing her extensive knowledge as a midwife and doula. The class allows you to exercise at your comfort level, listen to fun music, prepare your body for childbirth, ask questions and feel a sense of community with other women.” – Gina Maksimchuk

“I attended a trial of the Dancing for Birth class at 39 weeks and would highly recommend it! I wish I had been exposed to the class earlier in my pregnancy as I feel I would have really enjoyed attending a full session. Whitney was an amazing sweet instructor and helped to make everyone feel welcome right away. What a great way to exercise, learn about how our bodies respond to pregnancy and labor, and meet others on our exciting journey of motherhood.” – Sara Brandt

Dancing for Birth

Bringing it all together

“I used some of the moves all last week and gave birth to my baby girl very early this morning! I’m glad I could attend the sample class and hope to be able to attend an entire session with my baby girl in the near future.” — Michelle Schunck

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