Childbirth Preparation Classes

childbirth preparation classesWhy choose us?

How do our childbirth preparation classes compare to other “method” approaches?

The Center has chosen not to affiliate with any brand name methods of childbirth education. Rather, we have developed our own unique approach, drawing the best from what various methods (from Lamaze to HypnoBirthing) have to offer and blending it with our extensive experience attending laboring mothers as doulas and midwives. We share what works. We will help you to …

  • Understand the process
  • Anticipate your needs and plan to get them met
  • Learn pain coping techniques
  • Make choices that are informed and right for you
  • Support your partner
  • Troubleshoot challenges

How are we unique?

  • Instructors are trained childbirth educators, practicing doulas and birth experts who LOVE their job.
  • Great blend of hands-on, multi-media and online learning
  • Extensive lending library available
  • Comfortable, charming, learning environment ~ take the video tour on our home page (scroll down to bottom right)
  • If you or your partner have to miss a class, you can make up the material online.
  • Our #1 mission is to inform and inspire you to realize your own best vision for a healthy and joyful passage into parenthood. Learn more about the Center’s Core Values.

Invest in any combination of two or more classes (including online classes) and receive 5% off your total.

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Overview of Childbirth Preparation Classes


  • Childbirth Preparation Classes15 hours of instruction
  • Recommended class for first-time parents
  • Includes access to 3 online classes for enhanced coverage of key topics
  • Includes our Ready for Birth & Baby Workbook
  • Pair with our Ready for Baby class for a comprehensive approach



  • Pregnancy Collection (4 classes)
  • Labor & Birth Collection (4 classes)
  • Postpartum MotherBaby Collection (4 classes)
  • Customize your selection ~ Get just what you need!
  • Self-paced, review information & practice techniques as needed

BREASTFEEDING BASICS CLASS ($60 per couple)Breastfeeding classes

  • Highly recommended for first-time mothers
  • Great confidence builder
  • How it works ~ how to know baby is getting enough ~ when to get help & more!
  • Also available as an online class

Newborn care classesNEWBORN CARE CLASS ($60 per couple)

  • You don’t have to figure it all out the hard way!
  • Learn all the basics in this fun, hands-on class
  • Diapering ~ Bathing ~ Baby Wearing ~ Car Seat Safety & More
  • Also available as an online class

Breastfeeding classes, newborn care classesREADY FOR BABY CLASS ($100 per couple)

  • Come for the full-day workshop
  • Includes Breastfeeding Basics class in the morning
  • Includes Newborn Care class in the afternoon
  • Pair with one of our Ready for Birth Classes (Six-Week Series or Condensed Class) for a comprehensive approach

Breastfeeding classes, newborn care classesREADY FOR BABY ~ DELUXE PACKAGE ($130 per couple)

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Class Descriptions & Schedule

Childbirth Preparation ClassesREADY FOR BIRTH ~ SIX-WEEK SERIES

2017 Class Schedule

Ready for Birth Six-Week Series ($275 per couple)
  1. Dates

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Birth is normal and you can do it! Let us help you prepare to navigate your birth experience. In our comprehensive six-week series, emphasis is placed on: developing confidence in a woman’s natural capacity to give birth; making informed choices that are right for you; comfort measures for labor and how partners can help; what to expect postpartum; and more. Included in this class is our Ready for Birth & Baby Workbook and access to three online classes:

To learn more about specific topics covered in this class and how it differs from our six-week series, see our Topics Covered At-a-Glance Chart.

Read what past participants in this class have to say.


“I didn’t think there was enough information to fill up a six-week course, but boy was I wrong. Taking this class was the single best decision we’ve made during the pregnancy so far.” — Heather Madland, Ann Arbor, MI

“This class was the best decision for us as a couple and new parents. I feel so much more informed about what will happen and has helped both my husband and I have a lot of discussions on what we want … Support from the instructor was so great … worth every penny.” — Jennifer Slater, Brighton, MI

“Just wanted to let you know that I had my sweet little boy on October 28 and that the birthing class I took with you guys was the best thing I could have done before I gave birth. I felt so much more knowledgeable and prepared, even better, I surprised myself with the strength I had because I was able to do it all naturally! That wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t take the birth class and especially knowing about the pain relief from being in water.” — Caitlin Horning, Ann Arbor, MI

“Being first-time parents, we were uncertain and lacking confidence about the birth process, however, our experience in this class has turned our fear and anxiety into excitement. There is a lot of information that you just don’t get from most health care providers, so this class is a must for first-time parents.” — Tony Greathouse, Tecumseh, MI

“I feel so prepared for my birth. I didn’t expect the class to be so enjoyable. I was sad to see the last day!” — Sharita Fouche, Ypsilanti, MI

“The class made me feel very prepared and it also provided a safe place every week so IF I had a question or concern, I knew I could ask. I also loved being able to check out materials from the Lending Library. What a wonderful experience!” — Yvonne Mato, Howell, MI

“Class was not exclusively geared towards mom and baby, but how I (the partner) could better support Anne during the process.” — Dr. Zachary Simkins, Ypsilanti, MI

“I’ll never forget the birthing class and how we left that first night with a perspective on birth we never even considered. I remember the conversation we had in the car and the tears that flooded my eyes because my fear of birth had completely dissipated.” — Britt Hueter, Ann Arbor, MI

“Looking back at what I didn’t know before this class, I have no idea how I would’ve been there for my wife without it!” — Steve Kolody, Farmington Hills, MI

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Childbirth Preparation ClassesREADY FOR BIRTH ~ CONDENSED CLASS

2017 Class Schedule

Ready for Birth Condensed Class ($175 per couple)
  1. Dates

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This interactive, hands-on class is designed to accommodate the schedules of busy first-time parents who simply can’t make it to a six-week series. Perfect for couples seeking a Refresher Class for a second (or more!) baby as well. We’ll review the process of labor and birth from start to finish. Emphasis is placed on natural approaches to pain management, support techniques and comfort measures (how partners can help), and tips for smoothing your recovery in the early weeks postpartum. To learn more about what is covered in this class and how it differs from our six-week series, see our Topics Covered At-a-Glance Chart. (We cover all of the basics in this class in half the time of our six-week series, hence the name “condensed.” There will be less time available for discussion, Q&A and to practice techniques.)

Included in this class is our Ready for Birth & Baby Workbook and access to one online class, Navigating the Medical Center: What Parents Need to Know about Epidurals, Cesareans, Birth Plans & Informed Consent.

Read what past participants in this class have to say.


Childbirth Preparation Classes“I just wanted to thank you so much for the Childbirth Preparation Condensed Series. This was my third childbirth and FIRST time taking any preparation class. I procrastinated with the first two, and then never thought it would make that big of a difference in the end, but boy did it! My first baby was induced due to gestational diabetes and the epidural failed. I declined the epidural with my second since I had a bad experience with my first, but felt so panicked and unprepared throughout the labor. That all changed with this most recent birth, thanks in full to the class we took at the Center. I actually stayed calm and collected throughout all of my active labor. The same contractions that made me cry and panic with my first two labors, I closed my eyes and breathed through with my third. I will recommend the Center always. Here is a photo of me and Teddy immediately following my birth … 100% drug free, no repairs needed, and I left 11 hours after delivery!” — Anne Bruienne, Ann Arbor, MI

“Great class with lots of info. Wasn’t a shock and awe presentation. Nice small groups in a comfortable living room type classroom.” — Adam Strpko, Dundee, MI

“I loved how the information was presented. I learned things about labor and taking care of myself that I hadn’t read online, in books or from my OB. It was very helpful in preparing and gaining confidence. I like that it gave my partner and me specific things to think about and discuss to make labor as smooth as possible.” — Jess Wolverton, Ann Arbor, MI

“This class was a complete game changer for me.” — Britt Hueter, Ypsilanti, MI

“My husband and I were thrilled to find a childbirth class that was not your run-of-the-mill, generic kind of class. We learned all the things that we needed to know to prepare for a natural birth experience. It was a very educational and fun class. We would highly recommend this class for all parents, whether it be their first birth or not!” — Nicole Harris, Ann Arbor, MI

“There can be an overwhelming amount of information surrounding childbirth. This class reviewed key elements in a thorough and knowledgeable way and gave me the confidence to provide my wife the support she needs.” — Paul Deschamps, Canton, MI

“Though this is my second child, I feel more comfortable dealing with the labor process. I feel more confident that this is my body and I can do whatever it takes to make me comfortable. I loved that my birthing plan was pretty much complete when I left the class.” — Kim Deschamps, Canton, MI

“It was a real pleasure taking the class. I am preparing for my second child and the class had some information and points that were new, even to me. Great class for a refresher or 2nd time mamas.” — Lyn Slayton, South Lyon, MI

“I signed up for this class to know how to make this experience positive for me and my wife. I can definitely walk away better informed about the process and understanding my wife’s needs and how to care for her and the baby.” — Deovrat Kajwadkar, Ann Arbor

“I loved the class! It was definitely worth our time and very helpful. It was great how the partners were included to really prepare for the big event.” — Julie Kellum, Tipton, MI

“Whitney is one of the best instructors I have ever had.” — Dmitrii Maksimchuk, Ann Arbor


Breastfeeding Basics ~ Newborn Care ~ Ready for Baby Class

Class Descriptions Continued

See our full class schedule (Everything!) at-a-glance. Click here.

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