Childbirth Preparation Classes

childbirth preparation classesChildbirth Preparation Classes

With Toni Auker & Tree Town Doulas

Childbirth Preparation Classes are held at Center for the Childbearing Year while class registration is handled through Tree Town Doulas. Same great instructor, content and quality that the Center is known for!

  • Childbirth Preparation Classes six-week series for expectant parents
  • Also offering Condensed Childbirth Preparation Classes ~ perfect for folks with time challenges or those seeking a Refresher Class focused on support techniques and how the partner can help
  • Newborn Care classes also available ~ Babies don’t come with instructions; we can take some of the “error” out of “trial and error.”
  • Private classes available ~ Get just what you need on your schedule.

Our classes will focus on developing confidence in your natural capacity to give birth, making informed choices that are right for you, comfort measures for labor and how partners can help, and what to expect postpartum. We will provide you with the knowledge and tools that you need to have your best birth. Instructor is a very experienced doula who has seen a wide range of births. Classes are designed to be interactive and fun (never boring)!

Childbirth Preparation Classes Schedule & Fees

Tree Town Doulas is a collective that also offers a grandparents class, parenting classes with Catherine Fischer, babywearing consultations, herbal consults, infant massage, and birth and postpostpartum doula services.

Also available as online classes.

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