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Doula Business Advisor Blog

Doula Business Advisor’s Tax Tips for Self-Employed Doulas

Part 2. Top 3 Red Flags for Getting Audited by the IRS It’s tax time again and for self-employed doula business owners, this can be stressful. Unless your overall family income is greater than $200,000, doulas are unlikely to be at high risk of triggering an IRS audit. Nevertheless, there are specific red flags that […]

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Tax Tips for Doulas: What kinds of expenses can I deduct?

Tax Tips for Self-Employed Doulas (& Others!) Part 1. What kinds of expenses can I deduct? Think in terms of capturing and recording every penny you spend on your business. Anything reasonably related can and should be deducted. Why “should”? Because you will need to pay 15.3% FICA tax on the net income from your […]

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Grant-funded position open for a Detroit Doula

The Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association has a full-time position open for a community-based doula in Detroit. Click here for more information.

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March 2015 Birth & Parenting Newsletter

Baby sleep challenges, winning grant proposals, help for depressed moms, Spring Special on doula training, and more. Read our March Birth & Parenting Newsletter.

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Our Online Childbirth Classes are unique, multi-media programs with a personal touch. You no longer have to live near Ann Arbor to benefit from our dynamic, award-winning classes. The creator, Patty Brennan, has distilled into 16 separate online classes her 30+ years’ of experience as a childbirth educator, doula, midwife and mom. Featuring a holistic, consumer-oriented approach that encourages personal responsibility for your family’s health.

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Creating a Successful MotherBaby Business
With Patty Brennan
Dynamic, up-to-date advice from America’s foremost doula business educator

This six-part webinar series will provide you with the information and encouragement needed to give birth to a thriving doula business. Give us a test drive with this FREE Sample ClassRiding the Self-Employment RollercoasterAn exploration of the pros and cons of self-employment.

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