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WELCOME to Michigan’s premier doula training center and childbirth preparation and parenting community! Offering interactive childbirth classes at our cozy Ann Arbor center as well as comprehensive Online Childbirth Classes, created by Patty Brennan.

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Encouraging normal progress of labor with an epidural

If you have an epidural, it is important that you keep your body moving as much as possible during labor. Staying mobile during your labor encourages your body and baby to work with gravity and movement, helping your baby to descend and progressing your labor. How can this be achieved?

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Stem cells in breastmilk capable of forming tissues in infants …

Stem cells in mother’s breastmilk may be able to develop into a range of different tissues in the offspring, including the brain, liver and kidneys, scientists have found. Previous research has found that human breast milk contains a kind of stem cell but it was not known whether these cells do anything useful for the […]

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The amazing umbilical cord

Check out this short video on how Wharton’s Jelly in the umbilical cord protects the baby’s oxygen supply.

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winter scene16th Annual Holiday Celebration for Birth Professionals

Please join us on Friday, December 12, 7-11 pm. Drop in anytime to relax and visit with sister midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, breastfeeding specialists and holistic practitioners of all kinds. This annual party is hosted by Patty Brennan, Barbara Robertson and New Moon Midwives Anna, Jamie and Amanda. We will provide wine and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and we ask that you bring a dish to share. In-arms babies only please; partners welcome!

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ChildbirthExpecting a baby?

Our Online Childbirth Preparation programs are unique, multi-media classes with a personal touch. You no longer have to live near Ann Arbor to benefit from our dynamic, award-winning programs. The creator, Patty Brennan, has distilled into 16 separate online classes her 30+ years’ of experience as a childbirth educator, doula, midwife and mom. Featuring a holistic, consumer-oriented approach that encourages personal responsibility for your family’s health.

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